Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 18- "What You Like Best About Each Member of Your Family"

I love so many things about all the members of my little family but I will try hard to keep it to what I like best...

Waylon: I love how much he loves his family. His kids always come first and I think that is a great attribute in a man. He is not shy about showing his love for them and that makes our bond so strong. I have known since early on in our relationship that he would be a great dad, but he exeeds my expectations everyday in the daddy department. I am proud to call him my husband.

Jon Walker: I love that deep down he is a mama's boy. He is so smart and can be on his own doing his own thing, racing cars, playing with his friends, playing Mr. Tough Guy, or whatever else, but at the end of the day he is in my lap showing me at his little arms length just how much he loves me. We are alot alike with our sensitivities and our hearts of gold, and I am proud to call him my first born.

Kennedy: I love (most of the time) how strong willed she is. She is so independent and is already alive far beyond her years. She has that special spark for life and will always be able to handle her own. It is a little scary how strong she is at this age, but I know she will grow into the strongest woman and that makes me feel safe for her. I am proud to know she will be secure with herself and stand up for what she believes in.